Whether you are already an online celeb, or if you are a YouTube newbie, you're more than welcome to grab a bite! Partner with us and let us help you on your way to digital stardom!


We will promote your channel across ABS-CBN platforms to help you reach the online fame you've been dreaming of!


Our YouTube Certified employees will help you learn about the best practices in taking care of your audiences, managing your channel, and strategizing your content.


Share tips, tricks and techniques with other amazingly talented content creators like you. You'll also have opportunities to collaborate with ABS-CBN artists

Get Ready To Rock The Digital Screen!

  • Media Catalogue


    Planning to use ABS-CBN originally produced songs and videos as YouTube content. Gain access to the vast Kapamilya music and video library.



    Aside from helping you with YouTube monetization, you will also have the opportunity to work with brands through our digital sales team.

  • Youtube Certified Network


    You will be a part of the first and only YouTube-certified Filipino Multi-Channel Network - Adober Studios.

  • Owenrship


    Joining our multi-network won’t mean turning over the ownership of your YouTube channel. You will still have full ownership and control of your channel and content, and we will act as your support team.

  • Content Id


    Our team will make sure that your original content is protected against online piracy.



    We are serious about growing, and our growth is dependent on yours. Thus, we have a team dedicated to organizing events and workshops that would help you hone your skills and develop your YouTube channels.



    The Adober Studios support team is composed of YouTube-certified practitioners. They will equip you with the best practices on the platform, as well as aid on Audience Marketing Strategies and Digital Rights Management.


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What Is Adober Studios?

Adober Studios is ABS-CBN’s multi-channel network for YouTube. We are the first, and only, YouTube certified multi-channel network in the Philippines.

How can I become a Adober Studios content creator?

Easy peasy! Just fill out the inquiry form found on this site. Or you may send an email to [email protected] One of our network managers will get back to you for further discussions on Adober Studios. A contract draft will be sent to you after discussions for review, and once you are ok with all terms, then your channel will be rolled up to Adober Studios and you will officially be part of the Adobers family.

Once I join Adober Studios, what will this partnership entail?

Once you are part of Adober Studios, all you will have to do is to create quality video content for your channel, and to be consistent about uploading. Adober Studios will help you to grow your channel via channel management and content optimization.

Does joining Adober Studios mean I will be giving up control of my channel?

Absolutely not! You will retain full control of your channel. We will not be getting your account password or any key details. We will never interfere with your YouTube activity (subscription, likes, etc). And all actions related to your channel – ie, video uploads, updates, layouts – will still be done by you. What we do have are resources to help you with certain aspects of your channel, should you choose to utilize them.

Will Adober Studios own my videos?

No. You retain full ownership of all material created solely by you.

How will joining Adober Studios affect my endeavors and projects outside of YouTube?

If you are a Adober Studios content creator with solely an MCN management under ABS-CBN (no talent management, etc), then you are free to explore projects outside of the YouTube platform, without conflict.

Will being part of Adober Studios affect the content that I create?

No. Adober Studios content creators have the freedom to choose the kind of material they create. And Adober Studios will never touch your videos. No edits, no cuts, no branding, no logo placements. This ensures that sole ownership of your videos stays with you.

How will Adober Studios affect my earnings?

As is the standard of MCNs, Adober Studios operates under a revenue share system. But unlike others, our revenue share system is fluid and gives you more possibilities to raise your rev share percentage.

What happens to my personal AdSense account once I am part of Adober Studios?

Once you are part of Adober Studios, your YouTube channel will be incorporated under Adober Studios’s AdSense account, which is how we can facilitate your payouts.

How long does it take before my first payout?

Adober Studios follows YouTube’s payout policy. So once you reach $100, you will receive your payout.

How long will it take to grow my channel?

There is no set timetable for this. Each content creator, each YouTube channel is different, and this is why we talk to our content creators individually about their channels. The important thing is to consistently create good content, and the Adober Studios team will help you to maximize your views and raise your earning potential.

Why should I join Adober Studios?

Adober Studios is the first and only YouTube certified multi-channel network in the Philippines, created by the Filipino, for the Filipino. We are here to provide the avenue for all you awesome Pinoy YouTubers to showcase your output, and to provide guidance for you to further develop your passion. We believe in the talent and creativity of Pinoy content creators all over the world, and this is why we are here – to aid in your growth, and to be a part of your journey. To have someone you can rely on to be of service to you. And by building a strong community of content creators, each and every Pinoy YouTuber will have a place you can always call home.